What scares you? Strange phobias are defined as irrational fears of things that pose no real threat to the person. For some people, this could be something like a fear of clowns, whereas it might be an extreme fear of heights for others. Some people even have a fear of certain words! These 15 strange phobias may seem silly or harmless, but they can still really affect someone who has them. To find out about these top 15 most uncommon strange phobias and see if any apply to you!

Top 15 Most Uncommon Strange Phobias

Most Uncommon Strange Phobias
Most Uncommon Strange Phobias

1) Fear Of Fainting

If you happen to suffer from a fear of fainting or perhaps blacking out when too much blood flows towards your head, this can be known as THANATOPHOBIA. For example, many people who suffer from unnatural fears will often think about death more than usual and the fear of dying, leading them to believe dark or depressive thoughts rather than focus on their own lives.

However, if you have this phobia, it might affect you slightly differently; you could end up feeling like everyone is going to leave without even saying goodbye, for example.

2)Fear Of Sucking Your Thumb

This may seem like a silly fear, but some people find it very difficult to stop themselves from sucking their thumb while they’re sleeping or when under stress. This is known as Habitual Mouth Breathing and can be quite damaging for someone’s dental health, so you should try your best to avoid this habit!

The average person sucks their thumb for about 5-6 years of his/her life. A person who sucks their thumb into adulthood is said to have a “hidden talent” and could be used in circus side-shows!

The website The Hidden Talent says, “Adult thumbsuckers are sometimes able to suck their thumb with such skill that they can even crack an egg or pick up small objects between their thumbnail and the tip of their finger!” It also says that adult thumb sucking is more common than you’d think!

3) Fear Of Clowns

A fear of clowns is a surprisingly common phobia that has been coined as coulrophobia. This usually stems from the fact that so many people associate clowns with being incredibly creepy. In films, TV shows, and books, they have often been portrayed as evil or threatening characters, which may explain why so many people are afraid of them!

In 2014, a study was carried out by Dr. Oz Show to investigate precisely how widespread this fear is among Americans – it turns out two-thirds of respondents were either scared themselves or knew someone who was frightened by these colorful jokers! One main reason for this could be their unusual appearance – especially those big white painted smiles – perhaps hiding something more sinister for them?

Clowns can also behave strangely and unusually, which may cause them to be even more unsettling. Strangely enough, some people are happy to see clowns as they find it comforting or amusing. So not everyone is afraid of them! But this fear does stem from the idea that something terrible might happen if you encounter one in real life.

If you have coulrophobia, you may find that the fear is reduced if viewed in a photograph or on TV.

4) Fear Of Bats

When it comes to animals, bats are one of the most feared creatures. Strangely enough, this is not a common fear as only about 20% of people have an irrational terror of them! Batophobia is often associated with vampirism and vampires – many stories portray these bloodsuckers as nocturnal mammals that fly around at night.

While they may be creepy-looking, they pose virtually zero threat to humans or other living things in real life, so you don’t need to worry about having them swoop down on you when you least expect it! The main reason for this phobia could be that their wings resemble black leather cloaks, which makes them appear very. Another possible explanation is that their appearance is very unusual, and they have a strange sound when flying.

If you suffer from this fear, try to get over it by looking at pictures before going near them in real life – although we don’t recommend touching one! If none of these ideas work for you, then perhaps wearing an eye mask could help as well.

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5) Fear Of The Number 13

The number 13 is a very unlucky one to have as your birthday. It could also be regarded as unfortunate for those who have triskaidekaphobia. This fear of the number usually stems from two main sources – religion and mythology. Ancient Egyptians considered 12 gods to rule over their lives, with Osiris being the god of both death and rebirth. The thirteenth was left out to avoid bad luck! In Christian culture, however, there are thirteen people present at Jesus’ last supper, which has been said to foreshadow his betrayal by Judas Iscariot. Strangely enough, though, these ancient beliefs only go back around 2000 years, so that this phobia may come from other more recent fears such as that of Friday the 13th.

Those unfortunate enough to suffer from this phobia may find that they panic when there are thirteen people in a room or be uncomfortable wearing clothes with the number on them! Strangely though, these fears can often arise out of nowhere and at any time – even if you’re not superstitious! If it is too bad for you to deal with, then perhaps try getting rid of anything related to 13, such as changing your bedtime or avoiding rooms with the thirteenth floor. Even making sure no one else has a birthday on March 31st could help reduce symptoms! Overcoming this fear will take some serious effort, but we know that it won’t stop you from trying.

If none of these methods work for you, then perhaps try to trick yourself into thinking that 13 is a lucky number instead.

6) Fear Of Spiders

It is normal to be a little scared of spiders in common cases as they have quite a reputation for being creepy and crawly! Strangely enough, though, Arachnophobia only affects around 0.008% of the population, which means very few people out there suffer from this phobia! The fear usually stems from their eight legs and multiple eyes – not forgetting those fangs either! In many cultures, such as Native American culture, however, spiders were seen as having good and bad sides, so some considered them lucky while others feared them instead.

Again like most fears or phobias, this one can come about without any real explanation at all – despite what you may think might happen if you see one. Those unfortunate enough to suffer from this phobia should try to avoid anything that triggers these feelings, such as watching Arachnophobia or any other spider-related films. Still, you will have to get over it eventually! Strangely though, while some may scream at the sight of one crawling up their leg, others feel uneasy around them – even if they do not show that fact through words or actions.

If none of these ideas work for you, then perhaps it’s best to visit a doctor and ask about your fears to find out more about treatments available instead.

7) Fear Of Birds

A phobia of birds is not as common as many of the above. Still, it does affect a small population – even if they do not know about it! This fear can be linked to ornithophobia. The cause of this fear is usually down to a negative experience with a bird in your childhood, for example, swooping down and trying to pick up your baby out of its pram. Others have this phobia without any real explanation, which means that their fears could stem from other sources such as cartoons or horror films instead.

Those who have aviophobia may find themselves panicking when they see any bird, no matter what size, type, shape, etc.… Suppose you are one of the unlucky few to suffer from this phobia. In that case, you may want to avoid anything that may trigger these feelings, such as a feeder on your window or bird table outside.

If none of these ideas work for you, then perhaps it is best to visit a doctor and seek more informations about treatments for this fear instead.

8) Fear Of Cotton Balls

Suppose you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from this phobia. In that case, you could find that seeing a cotton ball anywhere near you causes feelings of extreme fear or panic. In most cases, those with this phobia will go to great lengths to avoid anything made out of cotton – even if it doesn’t pose any threat whatsoever!

While it may sound strange and something that does not affect many people. This phobia can lead sufferers into some very dangerous situations, such as avoiding wounds because they’re afraid of needing stitches. Suppose you do believe that you suffer from this kind of fear. In that case, there are various ways by which you can reduce the symptoms, such as tricking yourself into thinking about velvet instead. Another great tip is replacing cotton balls with a cotton belt or even a cotton robe instead.

If you think that none of these ideas will work for you, then perhaps it’s best to visit a doctor and seek out some more informations about treatments available to help decrease your symptoms instead.

9) Fear Of Chickens

Fear of chickens or, more specifically, poultry is nothing to be laughed at – even if others do. This kind of phobia may seem rather strange. Still, it can lead sufferers into some very dangerous situations, including possible respiratory problems if they happen to suffer from asthma as well. Some people affected by this phobia may find that the sight, sound, or even the thought of having anything to do with pigeons, hens, or any other poultry makes them feel very uneasy indeed.

While it might not be all too common, it’s always best to take these things seriously and try your hardest to overcome your fears instead! Those who are unlucky enough have to cope with their fears and put up with the teasing of others.

If none of these ideas work for you, it’s best to visit your doctor and see what treatments are available so that you can find something more suitable instead.

10) Fear of Mirror

Mirrorphobia is the fear of mirrors or, more specifically, reflections. Not many people know that this is a kind of phobia rather than just something strange and nothing more, so you should get it checked out by your doctor if you are concerned about these kinds of feelings. If left untreated, those who suffer from this may avoid all reflective surfaces such as shop windows or even pictures.

To try and treat this kind of phobia at home, some people will use their imagination to do things such as imagine a black blob instead of themselves reflected by the mirror – although it may sound silly, you will be surprised by how quickly your mind can help control your thoughts! Another great idea is to seek out the help of a friend with a camera and have them take some pictures. Seeing yourself from another angle can work well, especially if you can laugh about it and make light of the situation more than anything else.

If none of these tips work for you, it’s best to go and visit your doctor to receive treatment or counseling instead.

11) Fear Of Butterflies

While we may think that fear of butterflies is something some children suffer from more than adults, this isn’t always the case! For example, some people who like nature might feel somewhat uneasy around flying insects such as moths or humble ladybirds, but what about butterflies? If you have this kind of phobia, it’s best to try and trick yourself into thinking about something else or even using a rather strange concept as a way of distracting yourself, for example.

For those who happen to love the sight of butterflies but are scared at the thought of actually approaching them, why not get it all over within one go? Visit your local zoo where the chances are there will be some beautiful creatures flying around which you can get up close and personal with! If none of these ideas work for you, then perhaps it’s time to seek treatment instead.

12) Fear Of Ants

A fear of ants is another common type of phobia that many children seem to suffer from during their early stages of development. While it might seem strange, it’s the same sort of phobia that many people get when it comes to spiders. Like most creatures or insects, ants are generally just trying to do their business in whatever way they best know-how. People who suffer from this form of phobia may feel uneasy around regular ants and be worried about other insects belonging to the Formicidae family.

For those who happen to have a fear of ants, why not make things easier for yourself? Try and avoid any hot, sunny days where you are likely to find these little critters marching towards your home instead! Another tip is to try making friends with some local birds if possible – they are sure to remove anything that tries messing up your garden in no time! If none of these ideas work for you, it’s best to seek treatment instead.

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13) Fear Of Thunder

Thunder phobia is one of those fears that children, as well as adults, can experience. Still, it isn’t a common fear at all. Some people have an abnormal fear of pounding sounds, which could be scared of thunder and lightning storms. This phobia can also affect you emotionally because you will feel like the world will end every time there’s a storm!

However, this might not be something that plagues your life anymore once you’ve grown up. It might even go away completely! It shouldn’t bother you too much if this affects you since many natural remedies or therapies will help you deal with it better.

14) Fear Of Peanut Butter sticking To The Roof Of Your Mouth

This is one of those strange phobias that might be a bit hard to imagine if you haven’t experienced it yourself. This type of fear can lead to terrible panic attacks and anxiety, but it’s something that doesn’t affect your life too much either. For example, people who have this irrational fear might feel like they are going crazy because nobody else can understand what they’re going through!

However, peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth could also mean other things, such as body dysmorphic disorder. If you experience this regularly, perhaps it would be worth finding out more about the causes and treatments for this condition. Dr. Google might be able to help you find out more about this fear and how you can overcome it!

15) Fear Of Friday The 13th

Who knows what could have caused the deep-rooted origins of this weird phobia? It might have been a belief spread in ancient times that said that if people stayed indoors on Fridays the 13th, nothing terrible would ever happen to them. However, many people still believe that today means they are terrorized by days like Friday the 13th, even when they shouldn’t be! Some people will avoid specific things such as driving or getting married when it falls on a Friday the 13th, for example. If you suffer from this type of fear, perhaps you’re not sure why you do either.

It could affect your life more than others, thanks to today is Friday the 13th! For example, you might end up staying inside all day rather than facing the world around you. However, suppose this is truly affecting you. In that case, it may be worth trying natural therapies or seeing a professional about it so that you can try and work out how to overcome it.


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