If you’re looking for a way to save money on your next trip, then this post is for you. I’ve compiled some tips to help backpackers stay on track with their budgets and have an enjoyable experience.

It’s key that people be aware of what they need before deciding on a destination. Huge amounts of money can be wasted when backpackers arrive unprepared and buy things like sleeping bags, tents, or even just soap to survive. By reading this article and having hints in mind, you can start to pack up the bag and head out!

How To Save Money On Low Budget

How To Save Money On Low Budget
How To Save Money On Low Budget

#How to save money on airfare :

1: Sign up for the airline frequent flyer program and always check the price of flights.

2: Travel during off seasons (also consider taking a ferry or drive)

3: Travel to beaches; you usually don’t need a visa if your stay is less than three months

#How to save money on accommodations?

1: Staying at hostels, make sure to bring your towel and sheets

2: Book hotels a month in advance

3: When booking accommodation in large cities, check for cheap apartments from locals or roommates. Use Facebook groups or other social networks. Many people list rooms on craigslist and other popular websites.

4: Make friends! Hostel owners often have weekly deals on accommodations that include free tickets for local sites/attractions.

#How to save money on food and drinks

1: Bring snacks (dried fruit, nuts) and maybe some instant noodles with you for snacks and breakfast. Set a budget of $5-10 per day for lunch when eating out.

2: Use coupons; when using coupons and promo codes, always check whether the seller accepts them or not. Pay attention to expiration dates.

3: In large cities, you can find food for almost no money. Head over to farmer markets (locations usually found on google maps)

4: Make friends with other travellers in hostels or cafes, share expenses

#How to save money on transportation (taxis, buses, etc.)

1: Use public transportation as much as possible. You will inevitably save money this way.

2: Travel by train instead of flying wherever you can, it’s even cheaper than buses.

3: If you have to take a taxi, agree on a price before getting in. Make sure that the fare includes tools and tips. Also, make sure your driver is not using a meter that gives him an advantage over you (e.g. taxis from the airport). Most drivers will try to cheat you! This is why asking for prices beforehand is essential, so they know you mean business.

4: Walk when possible The more exercise, the better!

#Travel during offseason

1: Travel to beaches; you usually don’t need a visa if your stay is less than three months (well, that’s what I’ve experienced at least)

2: Travel in March and April as it has the best weather (hot and sunny)

3: Travel to places that are not well known, then you’ll be able to avoid the crowd (e.g. beaches like Costa Rica).

4: Pack light! The less stuff you bring with you, the more money there is left for other costs. Plus this way will make travelling so much easier.

#Eat at home!

1: It’s very important to know that you can’t live at restaurants. How To Save Money On Low Budget will guide you on how to start living more frugally.

2: If you are thinking of moving out, or want to save money on your rent, make sure to check my How To Save Money On Low Budget – this post is about renting an apartment in the city How To Save Money On Low Budget.

3: You could also learn some cheap cooking hacks from the internet; you’d be surprised how much money it saves 🙂 How To Save Money On Low Budget will probably show quite a few recipes for practical purposes (for saving money)

#How to find free things to do while travelling abroad?

1: Start checking for free tours in the cities you’re planning to visit; I usually check craigslist. You don’t need a visa if your stay is less than three months. If you don’t want to book accommodation through hostels, use some free walking tour apps as shown in my previous post, How To Save Money On Low Budget (I also have another post, How To Save Money On Low Budget, with more tips)

2: If you do plan on visiting sights, make sure to look online first and see if there are any discounts or coupons for them available (for example, museum passes or attractions discount cards). Make sure to sign up for the mailing lists, as they will inform you of unique deals that are not available on the website.

3: Check for events and festivals in your destination, then try to participate in them! You don’t need tickets to some things (e.g. music festivals have free days). If you’re lucky, maybe a university will invite you as an exchange student.

4: Perhaps one of the best ways I know is to attend meetups (usually free) or go to tourist sites hidden from people’s attention, like parks and meadows at night. There is a whole world out there that you probably haven’t seen before; open up your eyes and start exploring 🙂

5: Get creative! How about a free trip to a zoo or museum? Sometimes you can even get in without paying just by talking to one of the curators (like I once did).

#Tips for getting the most out of your travel experience without breaking the bank

1: My favourite way of getting around is hitchhiking (it’s free!!), but I once tried to rent a bicycle, and it was super fun too. Another excellent way for saving money on transport is using public transportation like trains and buses (they’re usually cheaper than taxis). Don’t forget that you can also walk sometimes.

2: Try renting your accommodation from Airbnb or Couchsurfing; they’re very cheap! If you don’t have any contacts in the city, use my guide, How To Save Money On Low Budget.

3: Use tourist attractions discount cards; it can save you a lot of money, mostly on museums and other sights. The travel tips above are especially good if you want to do a lot of sightseeing.

4: Decide if you’re going to backpacking hostels or Couchsurfing (the former costs more). I’d advise the former. Moreover, dorms can be super cheap in some areas such as Southeast Asia or South America, but they could also get quite expensive in Europe and North America. It’s probably your best bet for saving money on accommodation.

5: If you feel like staying somewhere longer than just one day, make sure to check Airbnb, you can sometimes rent a whole apartment for cheap!

#How to pack light for your trip and still look nice?

Determine the type of trip you’re going to take. Will it be a vacation or doing some volunteer work? For the latter, buy a pair of sandals (you can even get by with flip flops) and one big T-shirt. Make sure your backpack is lightweight but also strong enough so it won’t tear apart on you. If you’re backpacking through Europe during winter, I’d suggest buying a thermal coat, hat and gloves (or just warm clothes in general). For sightseeing, you don’t need expensive clothes.

#How to keep up with technology abroad, and if it’s worth it or not

1: The first option is just bringing an extra battery (many devices have them) and a bag for taking care of it.

2: The second one is to buy the local sim card and use free Wi-Fi.

3: Take pictures often; some memory cards offer you unlimited photographs, so do always check online if there are such offers when you’re going abroad. I’d advise buying your device in your home country, where they are cheaper and buying memory cards on location (you can find good deals).

4: If you bring your laptop with you, make sure to get a power bank. It’s essential for charging phones as well as other electronics. If you’re only bringing a tablet, then don’t forget to take its charger with you.

5: Make sure to always carry some cash with you in case of emergency; the last thing you want is your device dying on you because there are no electrical outlets nearby or the network isn’t working properly. Another great option for saving money while travelling abroad is buying an unlocked smartphone. I’d suggest you buy it before any trip and take it with you as a GPS navigator – they don’t usually cost more than 20$!


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I hope these ” How To Save Money On Low Budget” Tips helped!

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