When you have an iPhone, you can do many simple tricks to make your life easier. In this blog post, I will go over some tips and tricks for the iPhone 12 Pro. If you have any requests or questions about what is discussed in this post, please leave them in the comments section below! 

It has a number of new features that make it even better than before, and this post will go over some iPhone 12 Pro tips and tricks to help you get the most out.

The iPhone 12 Pro is the latest and greatest phone from Apple. With its big screen, notched design, wireless charging capabilities, improved camera quality, water resistance rating, Face ID facial identification system (which also doubles as an animated emojis), augmented reality experiences via AR Kit for developers- there’s no shortage of reasons why people are excited about the iPhone 12 Pro. 

But what many don’t know is can use all these unique features more effectively if they take advantage of iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks! This article, iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks, will cover some helpful hints and tricks for using your phone more effectively and efficiently every day in this article.

How to set up your new iPhone?

  1. Tap on the iPhone 12 Pro icon to launch it
  2. Go through the setup process and connect your phone to Wi-Fi or a data plan
  3. Go through iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks tutorial
  4. Add Friends to Face ID in iPhone Settings App!

The iPhone’s Face ID facial recognition technology not only makes unlocking your phone simpler, but it also unlocks its other features, lets you change the appearance of Animoji characters (animated emojis), and lets you use iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks- which is a tip from the title!

To add friends to your iPhone’s Face ID, open Settings, tap on Face ID & Passcode. Select “Add a Friend” in preferences and follow instructions. If they’re already saved as one of your contacts (they’ll appear in a list), select their name and follow instructions. You’ll need to be looking at the person for iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks to work correctly!

iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks

1. Use Siri Shortcuts on iPhone Settings App

Siri is one of the iPhone’s most outstanding features. It lets you use natural language commands to do pretty much anything on your iPhone. Siri Shortcuts is a new feature that can use iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks to create custom shortcuts (or “Siri routines”), making it even more customized for your needs!

2. Clean up your iPhone

Suppose you want to get the iPhone 12 Pro ready for use. Cleaning up your iPhone may sound like a menial task, but when you think of all the dust and grime accumulated over time, it can have a pretty significant impact on performance.

If you’re using an iPhone 12 Pro with a previous iPhone model, then the first thing you will want to do is transfer any data from one device to another. It is done using iTunes on a computer or syncing via iCloud if you’re not near a computer. Once this is finished, do some spring cleaning by removing any unnecessary files and folders.

3. 3D Touch

You can use the iPhone 12 Pro’s 3D touch feature to access iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks your favorite apps and contacts. For example, you may receive a text message from an important person. Instead of going through the iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Trick process of scrolling through your phone to find their name, you can use iPhone 12 Pro 3D Touch feature on their name to call or text them back. You can also use the iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks 3D Touch feature on an app that is already open to open up another similar one.

It’s by far the quickest way to get in contact with people and access apps without having to scroll down long lists!

4. Medical ID

Emergency contact numbers are necessary for medical ID. Add up to 5 people as emergency contacts so that will notify them in an emergency.

5. Update Face ID

If you use Face ID but have an older face now than when you first set up your account, update it by going into Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Change FaceID settings and following the instructions.

6. Siri Hack

To make sure Siri won’t interrupt anyone around you, go into Settings -> General -> Siri & Search -> Turn off Raise-to-speak while locked setting.

This iPhone 12 Pro tip and tricks is beneficial in a crowded environment with lots of people. Instead of having to keep your iPhone 12 Pro at a high volume, it can be set only to use the speaker when someone speaks to it.

7. Privacy Trick

One other way that can help ensure privacy is by turning off Call Forwarding which will prevent calls from ringing on both devices at once but instead send them straight to voicemail without ringing either device first (this also means no more call waiting!).”

8. What are the best settings for battery life?

The iPhone battery can last up to a full day with an iPhone 12 Pro. To prolong the life of your iPhone’s battery, it is recommended that you turn off features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location services when they are not in use.

To prolong your iPhone’s battery life, download the iPhone-Meter App, a free app for iPhone. iPhone-Meter displays iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks battery percentage and includes an estimation of remaining battery time. It also displays device stats like CPU usage and network traffic. The iPhone-Meter can be downloaded from the App Store and does not require fees or in-app purchases. iPhone-Meter is available in many languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean.”

Turn off all background app refresh for the best battery life.

iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks turn off background app refresh on iPhone to save your data. Background app refresh is a feature that allows apps to update when you are not using them automatically, but this can drain your phone’s battery! To fix this problem go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, then toggle it off.

10. How to take a screenshot on an iPhone 12 Pro?

To take a screenshot, press iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks the power button and iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Trick’s volume down buttons at once. A preview of your screen will show up on your iPhone in real-time, so you know what is being captured. will save the screenshot to Photos where can then edit it.”

If you use iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks iPhone 12 Pro as a business device, it can be advantageous to create iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks shortcut on your iPhone’s home screen. It will help you get in contact with the right person or customer without having to scroll through all of your screens looking for them!”

11. The best apps for your new phone

There are iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks many best iPhone apps out there. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Quizup (quizzes on any topic)
  • Clear for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch (to keep your home screen organized)
  • Words with Friends (our favorite game!).”

12. Advanced features of iOS 12

  • iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks search for something like your name or address by Spotlight: Swipe left to find the iPhone 12 Pro App Store, create an email draft with Siri: Say “Draft a new mail,” then dictate what you want to say. You can also use iPhone 12 Pro to send a quick message: “Tell John I’ll be late.”
  • iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Trick’s Face ID can detect if you are looking at your screen. If not, it will turn off the iPhone 12 Pro tips and tricks so that no one else can get in!
  • Control iPhone 12 Pro with your voice: iPhone 12 Pro tips and tricks Siri can help you do many tasks by simply speaking to her. You can also use iPhone 12 pro tips & trick’s Voice Memo app for iPhone (or any other recording app) to record audio or video messages.”
  • iPhone 12 Pro Tip: iPhone’s battery lasts longer in a low power mode, turn off iPhone 12 pro tips & tricks iPhone while not using.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks; Turn iPhone has an A12 Bionic chip with Dual Neural Engines for up to three times faster Face ID on the iPhone XS Max.”
  • iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks: iPhone has two SIM card slots so you can use iPhone 12 Pro Tips and Tricks iPhone for business and personal purposes a,s well!

13. Tips and tricks for using FaceID, Apple Pay, Siri, and more!   

Face ID is a new iPhone feature that allows iPhone 12 Pro to replace your iPhone’s passcode. When you set up Face ID, iPhone 12 Pro will show you many pictures of yourself and let you train iPhone 12 Pro to recognize your Face. iPhone 12 Pro then takes multiple scans of your Face and picks the one that looks the most like iPhone 12 Pro right profile picture (the one used for Face ID). It may take a few tries but once iPhone 12 Pro does recognize your Face, you can unlock iPhone 12 pro with just a glance.”

Siri is also a built-in iPhone feature that allows iPhone 12 Pro users to interact with their devices without lifting a finger. One way to do this is by using speech-to-text with Siri and then adding iPhone 12 Pro tips & tricks words or phrases.”

Another excellent example of a helpful feature on the new iPhone 12 pro device is Apple Pay, which allows you to use your phone for contactless payments at millions of places worldwide. Apple Pay is a simple, secure, and private way to pay with iPhone 12 pro your phone.”

14. Change screen brightness to save energy and your eyesight

One way to use the new iPhone 12 pro device that will not only save your battery life but also help you preserve your eyesight is by adjusting screen brightness. This can be done through iOS settings.”

15. Extra Security

Use a password lock or fingerprint. It can do this security on your iPhone 12 pro device. Protecting your phone is also a good idea if you are using the iPhone as business equipment.”

  • Password to create strong, unique passwords for each service you use and keep them all in one safe place
  • LastPass to manage your passwords, autofill forms that would have your username and password, and generate new passwords
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit to defend against malware, including zero-day attacks.”


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I hope iPhone 12 Pro Tips & Tricks have helped you get the most out of your iPhone. If there are any questions or requests, please leave them in a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer them as soon as possible!

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